Kris' Travel Notes

Looking forward to Copenhagen!!!!!

In three and a half weeks I will be flying to Copenhagen to put on a study abroad course focused on web application development. UNC's Study Abroad is partnered with DIS: Copenhagen to put on the course.

After taking a few years away from professional web development to focus on teaching, I'm excited to work with students on some practical subjects near and dear to my heart, such as:

  • HTTP Protocol
  • Server-side Architecture & APIs
  • Browsers, the DOM, and ECMAScript in 2019
  • User-interface Libraries (e.g. React and Vue)
  • Persistence on the server and client
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • ... and more

In the summer of 2016 I spent a few days in Copenhagen and fell in love with the city and the culture. I'm really looking forward to returning and exploring more of the city.

This site will continue to improve as the countdown brings us closer to the first day of class!